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Juvenile w/ The 400 Degreez Band

Simply put, hip-hop might not be the same without Juvenile.
Over nearly three decades, the multi platinum record-breaking New Orleans icon served up a string of
classic albums, influenced two generations of stars, and pioneered a sound rooted in Louisiana bounce,
yet carried by worldwide rap appeal and ambition. Like all timeless stories though, his stretches back to
humble beginnings in the neighborhood his music put on the map: the Magnolia Projects. As if
predisposed by destiny to pick up a microphone, he heard Melle Mel’s verse on “The Message” by
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, commenced spitting, and never stopped since…
“That’s really when it all started,” he recalls. “I heard Melle Mel saying, ‘Don’t push me, ‘cuz I’m close to
the edge’, and that was it. I was only seven-years-old, but I knew I had to rap.”
He made local waves by appearing on DJ Jimi’s “It’s Jimi” in 1991 before bringing a national spotlight
to the burgeoning bounce music style on his breakthrough “Bounce for the Juvenile.” After building a fan
base on his 1995 debut Being Myself, the production of Mannie Fresh caught his ear, and nothing would
be the same. At the time, the in-house Cash Money Records producer cooked up “Drag ‘Em ‘N’ tha
River” for UNLV—a group Juvenile brought to the label.
In response, Juvenile recorded “Set It Of ” and knew he “had to get with Mannie Fresh.”
“At the beginning, I truly came to Cash Money, because of Mannie Fresh,” he recalls. “I knew his beats
were bigger than most artists. There was something there.”
There definitely was…
After his Cash Money Records debut Solja Rags, he crafted an era-defining opus in the form of 400
Degreez. Not only did it go quadruple-platinum, but it also became “the best-selling album in Cash
Money Records History.” It produced staples such as the title track, “Ha” (which JAY-Z notably
remixed), and “Back That Azz Up.” The latter would be sampled by everyone from Drake to City Girls.
The Ringer lauded 400 Degreez among the “20 Best Southern Rap Albums Ever” behind only UGK’s
Ridin’ Dirty and OutKast’s Aquemini. Pitchfork bestowed a rare 9.4-out-of-10 rating upon the record,
and Kendrick Lamar cited it as one of his “Favorite Albums” in Complex and went so far as to claim,
“They had the West Coast on smash. We definitely tried to be like them.” The heat spread far and wide
across the United States.
“I remember I had a show with Funkmaster Flex in the Tunnel in New York city around the time 400
Degreez came out,” he recalls. “Everybody told me, ‘Don’t sing no other song, but ‘Ha’. If you sing
anything else, they might jump on you and beat y’all up!’ I sang ‘Ha’ for forty minutes straight. It was the
hardest place for any artist from the South to break into, but I did. It really broke the mold.”
Around the same time, Juvenile comprised The Hot Boys alongside Lil Wayne, B.G., and Turk.
Together, they smashed charts with the Get It How U Live! [1997] and the platinum Guerilla Warfare
[1999]. His next solo offering, Tha G-Code, went double-platinum followed by the platinum Project
English. Meanwhile, 2003’s Juve The Great emerged as another unsung platinum classic as “Slow

Motion” [feat. Soulja Slim] topped the Billboard Hot 100 at #1 for two weeks. He maintained a prolific
pace in the ensuing years and collaborated with everyone from Future to Yo Gotti before reuniting with
Cash Money Records.
“It’s more like a family reunion than anything,” he smiles. “It’s a friendship that never should’ve
separated. Back in the day, Baby and I were always really tight. It’s tighter now. We think differently. We
know when we hit the studio, it’s time to work. In the nineties, it was more about trying to control the
industry and be at the forefront. We’re not trying to be better than everything out there; we’re just trying
to show our fanbase we can still make good music. We have a great chemistry and always have. I thought
it was a good idea for him and I to do a project together. He agreed. It was something we wanted to do
forever, but never got around to it. I want him to talk that shit. I do my thing. Do your thing brother.
That’s what makes our chemistry great.”
The chemistry thrives on their 2019 first full-length collaborative album, J.A.G.It boldly extended
Juvenile’s own legacy with unanimous praise from Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, and Billboard as the singles
“Just Another Gangsta” and “Dreams” [feat. NLE Choppa] tallied over 20 million total streams and
views. Moreover, it preceded the stage for another collaborative effort and an O.G. Cash Money Records
reunion on “Ride Dat” [feat. Lil Wayne].
Juvenile also inspires the next generation as his song Young Juve picks up the microphone for a bevy of
upcoming singles.
In the end, Juvenile continues to shape and spearhead the future of hip-hop.
“I just want people to enjoy the music,” he leaves off. “I want to keep making good music. It’s all about a
positive mood. Birdman and I are going to continue this. We’ve got a whole new breath of fresh air
coming from my way. We’re going to get this bread.”

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