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By December 5, 2022st pete concert venue
St Pete concert venue

Jannus Live is starting a new chapter

Jannus Landing, one of the most loved St Pete concert venue, was renamed Jannus Live in March 2010.

Jeff Knight

Jeff Knight, a businessman with extensive experience in both the restaurant and cable industries, purchased the long-standing St Pete concert venue in late 2009. It had been run on a shoestring for many years and received only the necessary upgrades. The ambitious redesign of the venue was a delight for some and a surprise for others. He teamed up with a group of partners to invest capital, hours, and sweat in Jannus and give it a complete makeover. He fulfilled his promise.

Open-air venues date back to the 1980s when a few small promoters had the idea of staging reggae or punk rock concerts in a courtyard enclosed in a St. Petersburg block. Jannus Landing was founded by music-biz legends Tony Rifugiato, Rob Douglas and Dave Hundley. It quickly became a popular spot for many acts, including up-and-coming musicians, underground legends, and cult favorites. It is safe to say that Jannus Landing has hosted more Bay Area concert debuts than any other St Pete concert venue, although no hard statistics are available. The venue is a landmark that has witnessed many milestones, including Pearl Jam’s memorable local debut, as well as those of Neville Brothers and Radiohead, African Juju Artist King Sunny Ade, Radiohead, Radiohead, Radiohead, Radiohead, Radiohead, Radiohead, Radiohead, among others.

Jannus’s Early History

Jannus was a successful site through the 1990s and 2000s. But as the decade ended, Jannus’ management became chaotic and inconsistent, and Jannus Landing was forced to close its doors in 2009.

It was not for the best, but thankfully. Knight emerged as a hero amid disappointment at the loss of a local landmark. Although initially met with suspicion by some who believed his renovation would destroy the courtyard’s rustic charm and charm, Knight persevered, always keeping an eye on the venue’s history.

He also added new things, such as indoor plumbing. Jannus Landing was a limo with a mix of port-oslets, piss-troughs, and crowded backbar restrooms. Jannus Live now has 27 women’s room booths. These are just a few of the many St Pete concert venue features.

Jannus Changes

Knight established a team consisting of skilled professionals to bring the venue back to its former glory. The braintrust decided to rename Jannus Live as a tribute to the past and to reflect the new, vibrant image of the venue.

Knight had one primary goal: to improve the bar service. The drink prices are actually lower than those at Jannus Landing. The new patio bar is located in the back and several mobile bars are strategically placed around the courtyard. Suites are available to rent on the refurbished balcony. Soon, a spacious upstairs lounge will be open for patrons of the balcony to gather and enjoy libations.

Knight and his team are committed to Jannus Live being a top-notch concert experience.

Contact Jannus Live

Jannus Live, the iconic concert venue in Downtown St. Pete, is an OUTDOOR STANDING ROOM ONLY concert venue. We host an eclectic array of touring talent, as well as DJs, local artists, and private events. 

Engulfed in the history of St. Petersburg, Florida, we pride ourselves on keeping the feeling of the historic Jannus Landing, while incorporating the new and modern amenities that make Jannus Live what it is today. 

Jannus Live is a one-of-a-kind multilevel entertainment venue. We have a niche in the hospitality industry and can provide a space that can host many types of events including:

  • Outdoor Parties & Wedding Receptions
  • Corporate Events and Business Functions
  • Non-Profit Galas
  • Fundraisers
  • All Private and Social Parties
  • Community and Public Events

Contact Jannus Live now to get more information on upcoming shows, VIP, private events, and overall events that might be happening. Check out our FAQs for any answers you might need.

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