Sunken Gardens In St Petersburg

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Sunken Gardens St Petersburg

You are sure to enjoy the Sunken Gardens St Petersburg. One of the favorite places to visit is the Sunken Gardens in Florida. The Sunken Gardens, which are more than 100 years old, are an authentic Florida experience.So If you’re in St Pete for the weekend and have some time to kill before your live music concert at Jannus, check this family friendly garden out!


It was founded by George Turner Sr., a local plumber. It even had alligator wrestling! Back in those days. You can find exotic and natural animals and plants from all over the globe. It’s the ideal little escape from the heat, and even more so in winter.

Since the 1950’s, the Sunken Gardens St Petersburg has been home to tropical birds. The building where you check in and purchase your tickets was constructed in 1967. The St. Pete Sunken Gardens is a well-known staple in Central Florida. It is one of the many favorite Hidden Gems of Florida.Sunken Gardens St Petersburg

Where Are The St. Pete Sunken Gardens Located?

The St. Pete Sunken Gardens can be found right in the middle of the city, believe it or not! It’s a great day trip from Tampa because it is right across the bay. You don’t know if there is a whole botanical garden just around the bend. The Sunken Gardens are a great location. You will be amazed when you pull up to find a hidden oasis in the middle.

Address for St. Pete Sunken Gardens: 1825 4th St. N. St Petersburg

What Is The Cost To Visit The St. Pete Sunken Gardens

The following is the admission policy for the St. Pete Sunken Gardens:

  • Adults: $12
  • Seniors (62+: $10
  • Children (2-17): $6
  • Individual Membership: $50
  • Family Membership: $100

Groupons are often half-off or a special deal. This is my favorite time of day! Keep an eye out for Groupon Deals!

Groupon deals will be honored by the St. Pete Sunken Gardens, according to their website. Groupon doesn’t need to be purchased. Just bring your smartphone and they will honor the price and deal at check-in! 

  • Parking is free for Sunken Gardens visitors
  • Parking lot is large and has shaded areas, which is great for Florida!

Sunken Garden Hours

The hours for the Sunken Gardens St Petersburg run from 10am to 4:30pm on Monday through Saturday, and 12 noon to 4:30pm Sunday.

The park may close due to inclement weather or hours may change. You should call ahead if there is a storm on the day you plan to visit.

Things To Do At The Sunken Gardens

The Sunken Gardens in Saint Petersburg offers many activities. Relax, take a walk, and admire the exotic and native plants and animals. That’s what the point of going. You will be given a map for the self-guided walking tour when you purchase your tickets. A Koi pond is located in the middle of the Sunken Gardens St Petersburg. There’s also a bridge. This area is great for tourist photos and photography. You can also give the Koi fish food!Sunken Gardens St Petersburg

Other Wildlife

To the right are flamingos as well as other exotic birds. Flamingos are very active and I enjoy looking at them. The Sunken Gardens are located to the left of the Sunken Gardens. There are many plants, from tall bamboo to cacti to little pergolas with crawling plants. St. Pete Sunken Gardens are great for just walking around and enjoying the surroundings. You may also be able to watch nature presentations. Call ahead to see if any are available for the day you are visiting.

How Long Can You Spend At The St. Pete Sunken Gardens?

Spend at least 1-2 hours exploring the animals and gardens. Picnic tables are available so that you can take your lunch outside and have it served on the patio. You can also find a selection of small tables and chairs so that you can read a book or just relax. You will want to spend time admiring the stunning foliage and wildlife that the St. Pete Sunken Gardens offers. Many pathways interconnect.

There are many paths that lead to the gardens. There are many paths that wind and turn. Each path is worth exploring. You can just walk along and discover what you find!

People spend about 1.5 hours when we visit the Sunken Gardens with our families. Sometimes, people will even spend up to 3 hours.

Events At The Sunken Gardens

You can see many events hosted by Sunken Gardens on the Sunken Garden Facebook Page! The Orchid Festival is the largest and most loved! Sunken Gardens already has orchids in the park. But during the Orchid Festival there will be live music, lectures and orchids available for purchase. All this is included in your admission, so be sure to visit the Orchid Festival to see the next dates! Tours and workshops are offered, including classes in seed starting, hula hoops, and scavenger hunts.

You can keep up with the latest events at Sunken Gardens St Petersburg by visiting their Facebook page, or calling to request a schedule.

Tips For Visiting The Sunken Gardens

When visiting the St. Pete Sunken Gardens before your show at Jannus Live, make sure you have the right shoes. As there may be uneven ground or pathways made of mulch or dirt, you don’t want to wear heels or wedges. You can always avoid these paths, however. Wearing sturdy sandals is a good idea! Comfortable clothing is important so you can move around easily. Florida is very hot! You can bring your own beverages to the St. Pete Sunken Gardens. It gets very hot here in Florida so be sure to have some water. 

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