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Are you planning a trip to St. Petersburg, Florida? If so, you’re in luck – this beautiful city is home to some of the best hotels in the state! From luxurious resorts to cozy inns, live shows in St Petersburg FL, and everything in between, there are plenty of great places for travelers looking for somewhere special to stay. From beachside resorts and boutique hotels to family-friendly chains and budget-friendly options, you will be able to find exactly what you need during your stay in this beautiful city on the Gulf Coast. 

Why Visit St. Petersburg Fl?

First off, St Pete has one of the most gorgeous beach scenes on Florida’s west coast. Whether you choose to relax or take part in some fun water sports like kayaking or paddleboarding – you won’t be disappointed with what this area has to offer. The warm waters are perfect for swimming and enjoying a nice day out by the sea. And don’t forget about those breathtaking sunsets that happen almost every night! 


Next up is all of St Pete’s amazing attractions and events that make it such an exciting destination year-round. There are plenty of museums, galleries, parks and restaurants throughout downtown as well as festivals taking place regularly throughout each month which can be enjoyed both indoors or outdoors depending on your preference at any given time! Plus with so much shopping available around town – from unique boutiques stores filled with local artisans’ work – finding souvenirs will never be an issue when visiting here either! 


Finally, let’s not forget about all its great outdoor activities such as biking trails along Tampa Bay where visitors can explore nature while getting some exercise too; golf courses offering picturesque views; plus boat tours which allow travelers to see dolphins playing near our coastline during their trip too (just remember life jackets!). With so much beauty surrounding us here in St Petersburg it really makes sense why people come back again & again over time just to experience everything this wonderful city has offered them once more…and who knows? Maybe you’ll end up doing the same thing soon enough after visiting yourself someday too?!

Relax A Little

If your goal is relaxation and luxury during your visit, then look no further than The Vinoy Renaissance Resort & Golf Club. This hotel offers stunning views of Tampa Bay from its waterfront location on Beach Drive NE as well as easy access to downtown attractions like museums and galleries. Guests can enjoy amenities such as two outdoor pools with cabanas, an 18-hole golf course designed by Ron Garl plus fine dining at several restaurants including Marchand’s Bar & Grill which features fresh seafood dishes prepared by award-winning chefs daily. shows in st petersburg fl

For those seeking a more budget friendly option without sacrificing quality or comfort then check out Courtyard St Pete Downtown located near vibrant Central Avenue shops and restaurants just steps away from Tropicana Field baseball stadium where guests can catch games throughout the year if they wish! This hotel boasts spacious rooms equipped with modern furnishings along with complimentary Wi-Fi access throughout all common areas making it ideal for both business trips or leisurely getaways alike – plus their outdoor pool area makes it perfect place unwind after long days exploring nearby attractions like Sunken Gardens Park or Salvador Dali Museum too! 

Oceanfront Views

For visitors who want something truly unique during their stay then try Hotel Zamora situated directly across from white sand beaches on Gulf Boulevard offering spectacular oceanfront views that will take your breath away each morning when you wake up here – not only that but this chic boutique property also has Mediterranean inspired décor inside every room complete with custom furniture pieces made locally giving guests an authentic experience unlike any other lodging choice around town. Plus be sure not to make use of their rooftop terrace bar serving craft cocktails while watching sunsets over Boca Ciega doesn’t get much better than that does it?!  

For those seeking luxurious amenities without breaking their travel budgets, The Hollander Hotel is an excellent choice located in downtown St Pete with easy access by car or public transportation from Tampa International Airport. With its chic decor and modern furnishings throughout all guest rooms as well as complimentary breakfast each morning it’s sure to please even the most discerning traveler! Additionally guests have access to an outdoor pool area which is ideal when temperatures rise during summer months! 

Surrounding Areas

For travelers who want something more intimate but still close enough so they don’t miss out on any of St Petersburg’s attractions then consider staying at The Birchwood Inn & Suites near popular beaches such as Pass A Grille Beach where visitors can enjoy stunning sunsets over the Gulf Coast waters! This hotel offers spacious suites complete with full kitchens making them great for families or those planning extended stays in town plus free Wi-Fi throughout property ensures everyone remains connected no matter how long they’re away from home base! Whether it’s just one night or several weeks spent exploring sunny Florida make sure your visit includes comfortable accommodations like these two quality establishments mentioned above – both offering exceptional value along with top notch service every time!shows in st petersburg fl


One of the best places to catch shows in St Petersburg FL is at Jannus Live. From its impressive acoustics to its vibrant atmosphere and diverse lineup of performers, there’s no doubt that Jannus Live is one of the best venues for an unforgettable night out with friends or family members alike! 

The first thing that stands out about this venue is how well it was designed for sound quality; it features high ceilings which help create a natural reverberation effect throughout each performance space so you can enjoy crisp audio regardless where you’re sitting within their walls! Additionally, they have multiple bars located on both levels which make getting drinks easy during your favorite artist’s setlist without having to miss any part due their efficient service staff who are always ready to serve up whatever libations patrons desire at lightning speeds! 

No matter what type of accommodation suits your needs best, rest assured there are countless excellent options available when visiting St Petersburg Florida so start booking now before availability runs out!

Contact Us For The Best Shows In St Petersburg FL

Jannus Live, the iconic concert venue in Downtown St. Pete, is an OUTDOOR STANDING ROOM ONLY concert venue. We host an eclectic array of touring talent, as well as DJs, local artists, and private events. 

Engulfed in the history of St. Petersburg, Florida, we pride ourselves on keeping the feeling of the historic Jannus Landing, while incorporating the new and modern amenities that make Jannus Live what it is today. 

Jannus Live is a one-of-a-kind multilevel entertainment venue. We have a niche in the hospitality industry and can provide a space that can host many types of events including:

  • Outdoor Parties & Wedding Receptions
  • Corporate Events and Business Functions
  • Non-Profit Galas
  • Fundraisers
  • All Private and Social Parties
  • Community and Public Events

Contact Jannus Live now to get more information on upcoming shows in St Petersburg FL, VIP, private events, and overall events that might be happening. Check out our FAQs for any answers you might need.

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